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What I Did All Summer

October 8, 2013

Obviously not much blogging, but I did have a very stitchy summer!

Several folks at Sew Memphis took extended vacations so I spent my days hanging out with the bolts.


I made a tuffet to show off some new home dec fabric.


I also taught two purse classes,

Summer teaching at Sew Memphis

Summer teaching at Sew Memphis

A beginning sewing class,

Summer teaching at Sew MemphisSummer teaching at Sew MemphisSummer teaching at Sew Memphis

and worked with lots of new sewists who came to walk-in open instruction.

Summer teaching at Sew MemphisSummer teaching at Sew MemphisSummer teaching at Sew MemphisSummer teaching at Sew Memphis

These days, I am teaching a 6-session series of sewing classes to homeschooled students. At our last meeting, we did some indigo tie dyeing.

Tie dye class

The results were fantastic and we will make purses (with zippers!) from this fabric tomorrow. In future classes we will refashion t-shirts, learn to applique and make an a-line skirt. I am pretty sure I am having more fun than the students are!


Glad To Be Back!

November 19, 2012

I took a long break.  Nobody told me that the second year of grief is often worse than the first.  It was.

But I finally feel like blogging again, my sister has been nagging me mercilessly and there have been some exciting new stitchy developments that have necessitated my return to this space.

You see, I have business cards with this address on them.   I ordered them from and used Flickr photos of various projects from the past.  They turned out so well that I ordered some mini cards to use as price tags in a show I’m doing next month.

Yes, a show!  I did my first show last year and it was successful.  So I decided to do it again this year.  I’ll show you some of the merchandise in future posts.

AND because I am teaching!  A friend opened a small but fabulous fabric shop in May and invited me to work there occasionally and to teach anything I wanted.  (Check it out at Sew  So far I have taught purses and pillows for beginners, fabric jewelry for girls, tooth fairy pillows for kids, t-shirt upcycling, pajama pants and half of a two-part Christmas tree skirt class. In December I‘ll be teaching aprons, sock monkeys and drawstring gelt bags for Hanukkah.

Here I am in action.  Can you tell how much I love what I am doing?  (Please note that since this photo was taken I have lost 20 pounds!)


I have also made several custom pillows for clients of an interior designer friend of mine.  Here is the most recent.  The client wanted a pillow to match a quilt for a baby boy’s room.  She scanned and enlarged this horse from the quilt  The designer purchased the white and tan fabrics, gave me some direction and cut me loose.  Here is the result.  I fused and zigzagged the fabrics and embroidered the horse’s facial features and the birds’ legs.   I was worried about zigzagging around all of those curves, but setting my machine to the slowest speed setting made it manageable.


And so, as sands through the hour glass, the stitching (and seam ripping) continues………

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