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The A-Go-Go’s Do Memphis

July 14, 2010

Jek A-Go-Go (aka Lobstergirl, Jekbot, Jek-in-the-Box) has been an internet friend of mine for years, and last month I had the pleasure of meeting her and her uber-creative husband, Mr. A Go-Go in person. These two had a few hard knocks and decided to chuck it all and travel this summer. They are documenting their travels so that we can all ride along on a virtual road trip.

The A-Go-Go's visit Memphis!

They were only in Memphis for a day, but we made the most of it. Our first stop was Graceland to take in all things Elvis. I hadn’t been there since the 80’s and was glad to see it all again.

The living room
Graceland living room

Cute poodle wallpaper in Vernon and Galdys’s bathroom
Vernon and Gladys's wallpaper

The pool room. Every surface except the pool table is covered in fabric.
Graceland Pool room

The infamous “Jungle Room” lounge. Check out the waterfall wall, fur lamp and tiki bar.

Graceland jungle room wall

Jungle room fur lamp

Tiki bar in the Jungle Room at Graceland

There was plenty of memorabilia to see, such as gold records, movie posters, various awards and costumes. I love the leather duds Elvis wore in the ’69 Comeback Special. Glitzier Vegas jumpsuits were also on display in all their rhinestone glory.

Graceland '69 comeback special outfit

Graceland - Glitzy vegas costume

Mr. and Mrs. A-Go-Go like to collect jumping photos and were very happy to get this one in front of the mansion.

The A-Go-Go's jumping at Graceland

At the end of the tour, we went back to check out the graffiti on Graceland’s walls.

Graceland walls

The rest of the day was spent downtown. Here we are eating lunch at the Arcade, Memphis oldest cafe.

A-Go-Go's in Memphis

Feeling refreshed, we visited the Memphis Rock n Soul Museum and spent a little time on Beale Street. Before they took off for Jackson, we all did one last jump together. Can you tell I have had years of ballet training?

One last jump before hitting the road.

Jek and Jeff are both very talented artists, each with a boundless imagination. Jek writes for Craft, Mixtape, and Blanket and has a fun Etsy shop. Her two blogs are a visual treat. Jeff is a master of sock monkeys and has made many astonishing sock reproductions of Buddha, Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s David, and Venus of Willendorf to name a few. Click the link and prepare to laugh until you cry.


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