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Spring Shows

June 9, 2013

Good sales at holiday markets over the past two years led me to consider doing some spring shows. When I was offered a free tent early in the season, I took that as a sign from the universe and started signing myself up.

In April I did the V & E Artwalk, a festival in a older but funky neighborhood with a strong neighborhood association. That show went pretty well, so I added “Cathedral Day”, a festival at our local Episcopal Cathedral. That show went even better, so I committed to setting up at the first annual Overton Park Day of Merrymaking last weekend. My expectations were low, but sales were high! Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

Here are some pics from the V & E. I had aprons, bibs, black & white soft baby books and recycled yarn (added to the baskets after the pics were taken) as usual. But the knit hats and Christmas ornaments that sold so well at the holiday show wouldn’t work for spring. To beef up inventory, I added some patchwork headbands, patchwork lanyards and made more birdseed hang-ups in the shapes of flowers instead of stars.

My booth at the V&E Artwalk

A & E Artwalk

Patchwork headbands

bird seed hang-ups

black and white baby books

My favorite part of the day was a surprise visit from my friend Jethro. I babysit for him when his people go out of town. He was interested in the recycled yarn.

My friend Jethro came to check out the yarn

There are no plans for any further shows this summer because I’ll be busy preparing for fall and winter. I was very fortunate to be accepted to a one-day September show that is reportedly hard to get into, but very well attended. I’m hoping to add another one-day show in early December and will do the Memphis Arts Collective holiday show that runs from Black Friday to Christmas Eve as usual. Needless to say, I will have to crank out a lot of merchandise between now and then!


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