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Spring Shows

June 9, 2013

Good sales at holiday markets over the past two years led me to consider doing some spring shows. When I was offered a free tent early in the season, I took that as a sign from the universe and started signing myself up.

In April I did the V & E Artwalk, a festival in a older but funky neighborhood with a strong neighborhood association. That show went pretty well, so I added “Cathedral Day”, a festival at our local Episcopal Cathedral. That show went even better, so I committed to setting up at the first annual Overton Park Day of Merrymaking last weekend. My expectations were low, but sales were high! Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

Here are some pics from the V & E. I had aprons, bibs, black & white soft baby books and recycled yarn (added to the baskets after the pics were taken) as usual. But the knit hats and Christmas ornaments that sold so well at the holiday show wouldn’t work for spring. To beef up inventory, I added some patchwork headbands, patchwork lanyards and made more birdseed hang-ups in the shapes of flowers instead of stars.

My booth at the V&E Artwalk

A & E Artwalk

Patchwork headbands

bird seed hang-ups

black and white baby books

My favorite part of the day was a surprise visit from my friend Jethro. I babysit for him when his people go out of town. He was interested in the recycled yarn.

My friend Jethro came to check out the yarn

There are no plans for any further shows this summer because I’ll be busy preparing for fall and winter. I was very fortunate to be accepted to a one-day September show that is reportedly hard to get into, but very well attended. I’m hoping to add another one-day show in early December and will do the Memphis Arts Collective holiday show that runs from Black Friday to Christmas Eve as usual. Needless to say, I will have to crank out a lot of merchandise between now and then!


Playing Catch Up

February 12, 2013

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, maybe I should get around to posting pics of my booth at the 2012 holiday show.   The show ran from Nov 30 – Dec 24th in an empty store front in Midtown Memphis and participants took turns staffing it.  I had many more sales this year because I had a better variety of products and price points.   I also set up shop with other women makers at a Memphis Cash Mob event in the lobby of our local literacy agency.  It only lasted a few hours one rainy afternoon, but lots of people came and everyone did well.

Here is the whole setup.  It looks a little awkward and there is too much empty wall space, but I will remedy that next year.  We never know where our booths will be until the last minute so it is hard to plan ahead.  This year  I bought some fancy gridwall to better display the bibs.


I went ahead and made aprons even though everyone is making aprons.  I used large-scale prints with coordinating fabrics for backs so that they are reversible.  The best seller was the Buddha apron which is second from the back in the pic below.  I bought a lot more of that fabric for next year.


These birdseed ornaments sold as fast as I could make them!  I made the boxes out of recycled cereal boxes and nestled the ornaments in shredded tissue from last year’s gift boxes.


My sister made these adorable house ornaments.  There was only one left at the end of the show.


This was the big surprise of season.  I made about 30 decoupage ornaments using pages from fabric catalogs.  I was just sure that most of them  would be coming home with me after the show closed.  But I sold every single one of them and many of the people who purchased them bought two!  These take a long time to make and I even took the supplies on vacation with me.  Many were assembled while we anxiously watched last year’s presidential election returns in front of a fire in a cozy condo in North Carolina.


Other merchandise included hand knit caps, black and white fabric books for infants and recycled yarn.  I only sell one or two lots of yarn every year, but I will keep putting it out because people think that recycling yarn is cool and the pretty colors draw them into my booth.

Things went so well in 2012 that I’m looking to do more shows next season.  And I am starting on the stitching now to avoid the last-minute making frenzy that happens to procrastinators like me!

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