Bright Colors for an Endless Winter

I used to have a shopping problem.  I haunted thrift stores with 50% off coupons and brought home clothes with pretty prints and fabrics to take apart and reconstruct.  All this hunting and gathering got a little out of hand.  While many of my purchases ended up in various projects, the rest accumulated until my sewing room looked (and still looks)  like an episode of Hoarding, Buried Alive.

Last night I finished off a bag a scraps that had been used and reused for quite a few years. Here is the original stack of reds, oranges and pinks. Great colors to work with in this interminable winter that is mostly brown/gray.  and a little white even this far south.


Their first use was for a quilt made as part of a block swap. I cut them up into large pieces and sent them to four other people with instructions for making improv log cabins. The participants also sent me fabrics and patterns and I made their blocks while they were making mine. Then we all met up for the hand-off.  I was thrilled with what I got, but am embarrassed to admit that these blocks are still in my closet waiting for me to do something with them.


There was still plenty of fabric left and in the meantime I added a few pieces.  (Did I mention I had a problem?)  The only thing to do was to make another quilt, this one as a gift for one of my favorite people.  The design was based on a parking garage and the back was made from a thrifted sheet.



The favorite person has destructive cats so she hung the quilt on the wall and has let me know that it recently ate a whole bag of Cheetos she had bought for our latest snow and ice storm.


Yesterday I was scavenging the sewing room for something to use up and found a bag of the scraps left from these splashy prints.  The scraps were much smaller now, so I chopped them up and sewed them back together into 12 strips that will become vibrant headbands to sell at a spring show.   I think people will be ready for some bold colors like these!

16105671714_ce85b14470 Pictured on our 4″ snowfall

Now this pile of tropical fabrics that nobody wanted has come to the end of it’s journey.  The remaining pieces are too small for even me to save.  Time to find something else to use up!



2 Responses to “Bright Colors for an Endless Winter”

  1. aubirdwoman Says:

    Hi Sarah -,Sheila downunder here. Having a try at WordPress. Its gonna take a it of getting used to. Hope you are well. hugs

  2. Gene Black Says:

    I am sad to say that I understand the “hoarding” of craft supplies. I keep threatening to clean it all up and make it neat and confined to one room—yeah, that hasn’t happened yet!

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