A Stitchy Spring

Memphis has enjoyed a real spring season this year (i.e. more than one week between damp/gray/winter and steamy/humid/summer) and I have been out and about with some knitting.

Earlier this year, the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art contacted my knitting group asking for collaboration on their upcoming exhibition Angels and Tomboys: Girlhood in Nineteenth Century American Art. They requested that we yarnbomb the front of the museum and we were only too happy to oblige them!

All area knitters and crocheters were invited to join in. On an overcast and unusually chilly day in March we converged on the museum with our handiwork.

We covered the front entrance


and all the posts.

IMG_3765 IMG_3764


We wrapped the benches



and any other random thing we could find.

IMG_3784 IMG_3774


This gate gate was commissioned for a local estate, but the owners decided against using it and gave it to the museum. It was not spared.



Renee took care of the lion.

Knitbombed lion

My job was to fit one of the very tall bike racks with a new sweater. I started out with some big holes


got bored and switched to smaller eyelets with an icord laced through them,


and finished up with colorblocks and lots of stripes. Finally, we strung Kenon’s knitted hearts and draped them among the three bike racks.


We used zip ties to hold everything up. Thankfully, the museum staff had the job of taking it down!


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3 Responses to “A Stitchy Spring”

  1. Sarah's Sister Says:

    Awesome! The bench covers are a scream, and the pole cover with pink and orange tassels is simply fabulous!

  2. Gene Black Says:

    Extremely cool!

  3. Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation Says:

    A lady of many talents! So cool, Sarah!

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