Cranking Out Hats

I finished three more hats for a fundraiser sponsored by my knitting group. Here they are photographed against our latest snowfall which is coming down hard and accumulating fast.

A button tab hat in Cascade 220. Pattern is here.

Button flap hat

A man’s cap loosely based on this pattern with different decreases at the top. It needs to be an inch longer to cover ears properly. The yarn is mystery yarn I got in a swap.

man's cap

And finally this fun earflap “Califairisle” cap with pompons and zig zags.

earflap cap with pompoms

Hat production is booming because I can knit at work while the baby is napping. The sewing machine, however, is slowly petrifying and will probably need to be jump-started when I try to use it again. If this snow keeps up, that could be tomorrow!


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6 Responses to “Cranking Out Hats”

  1. Lynsey Says:

    love the zig zag too!!

  2. Gene Black Says:

    I almost fell out when I read “the baby is napping” – So I went back and read you last post. Now it makes sense.

    Don’t let that sewing machine get too dusty!

    • Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

      Haha I guess you thought you had missed something! I am too old to have another baby so I hang out with someone else’s now 🙂

  3. Sarah's Sister Says:

    I love the zig-zag pom-pom hat! (And I like saying “zig-zag pom-pom”.) Will you make me one for next Christmas? Maybe in hot pink and white? Then I could alternate between my Olympic Moose hat and the zig-zag pom-pom hat, and I would walk around feel very special in my awesome hats.

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