It doesn’t look much like November in Memphis. We have yet to see our first killing frost and the plants around here are making up for time lost during our two months of heat and drought.

My Arctic Queen Clematis makes a second, more subdued showing once the weather cools down.


The melon patch is still producing


We are harvesting fresh green beans every other day.


And the neighbor’s roses are happy too.


This tree across the street seems more appropriate.

But it is fall!

Ahhhh, Memphis in autumn!

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2 Responses to “November?”

  1. Gene Black Says:

    Gee we had heavy frost the last three nights here. I am betting my roses are gone for the year.

  2. liveparadox Says:

    Montreal’s well past that stage. That was almost two months ago. Now we’ve got bare trees and trees that are quickly getting there, frost, freezing temperatures, and even a bit of snow already. A real November, in other words. 🙂

    Looks like that watermelon will make it, hope it does! 🙂

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