Rainbow Union Jack Mini Quilt for DSQ9

My favorite part of mini quilt swaps is getting my partner assignment, and I never start the project before I get it.

My least favorite part is sending off my creation. Even mini quilts take a fair amount of time, and I don’t want to waste it making something I don’t love. So there is the challenge- merging my partner’s preferences with my own to come up with a quilt that appeals to us both.

In this round, my partner gave me a some color preferences and then mentioned that she especially loves rainbows. Now rainbows don’t do much for me, but after reading this chick’s blog I knew I had to come up with something rainbow because she really likes them. As much as I like batiks. There was just no way to justify sending anything else. Fortunately, she is partial to geometric shapes, and that I can do.

After a bit of pondering I came up with the idea to make a Union Jack flag (my partner is from the UK) in rainbow colors. I could use all batiks from my stash! So here it is- rainbows for her, batiks for me and geometric shapes for us both.

Rainbow Union Jack

I set to work finding a Union Jack online, blowing it up and making a pattern for paper piecing. Then when I was halfway through with the quilt I found that two other people have done it for us.

The back is a pretty blue pheasant batik. To keep a sleek modern look, I did not use binding. I cut the backing 1/4″ smaller that the front so that it wouldn’t show from the front of the quilt when I turned the whole thing right side out. I quilted the colors to the batting and quilted the white stripes after adding the backing. The final measurements are 13″ x 22″.

Back of Rainbow Union Jack

The best part of making this quilt was rummaging through my batiks to select colors. I also love working with complementary colors, so for each narrow diagonal stripe, I chose a color that is complementary (or close) to the color of one of the two adjacent triangles.

This Rainbow Union Jack is heading eastward and I will be holding my breath to see the recipient’s reaction.

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7 Responses to “Rainbow Union Jack Mini Quilt for DSQ9”

  1. Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

    Oh dear, Lynne it is not yours 😦 It went to Leah. So sorry.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Yay – it’s mine all mine and I love love love it.

  3. Leah Says:

    The recipient LOVES it!

    Thank you so much Sarah.

    I have been planning a Union Jack block quilt for a while now so I’m definately going to crack on with it now I have this as inspiration xx

  4. Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

    Thanks y’all!

    I had to take care with the triangles and diagonals, so I paper pieced the four corners. The white and green for the center cross were added without paper.

  5. Sarah'a sister Says:

    Cool use of rainbow colors!

  6. Adds Says:

    oh wow that is so cute, did you foundation piece it? Your swapee will love it.

  7. Bertha Says:

    Ack, I love this! I love the idea of making something like a flag in non-traditional colors!

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