Fabric Selections for Two New Quilts

I have been happily rummaging through my stash, selecting colors for two new quilting projects. I chose all batiks- image that!

First up is a mini quilt for DSQ9. I will wait to say more about my plans for these fabrics so that the recipient will be surprised.

Fabrics for DSQ9

Next, I’ll start on a holiday gift. I have collected these batiks all year with a specific recipient in mind. *sigh* aren’t they just lovely?

Future holiday gift

I have almost settled on the modern version of the design on the front of this magazine. Find this publication if you can! It gives instructions for traditional quilts and then shows how to update them with contemporary fabrics.

I love this magazine

Now be careful. These next photos might make you envious and that is a deadly sin.

My friend Diane plucked these vintage 70’s drapes off of the curb in her funky midtown neighborhood. (I used to live there- oh how I miss it!) She prefers more traditional designs so I snapped them up when she offered them to me. There are two panels and they look brand new! They might even escape the scissors and remain intact as curtains for my sewing room.

Retro curtain curb rescue

Retro curtain curb rescue

Are you green yet?

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3 Responses to “Fabric Selections for Two New Quilts”

  1. zhenia Says:

    Like Kermit the Frog, I’m green.

  2. beth Says:

    wonderful find.

  3. Lynda M O Says:

    Yes, I am green-lovely!!

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