The Cherry Baby Quilt is Finished!

All done, and pretty darn cute if I say so myself.

Cherry baby quilt finished

Turns out I DID have some fabric for the backing on hand. This red gingham had languished deep in the stash. Probably because I have had it since the 80’s.

backing and binding

I quilted it lightly with Warm and White batting so it wouldn’t be too stiff. It measures a generous 40″ x 40″. All fabrics were pre-washed so there are no worries about fading or bleeding colors. The cherry prints are from thrifted clothing, the backing is a cotton blend and the other fabrics are quilting cottons.

Cherry baby quilt block.

Currently I am enduring a crazy annoying case of poison ivy on my both my forearms. But I will persevere and continue working on a mini quilt for DSQ9. Then I hope to continue the destash by whipping up a few fall handbags. And, it’s time to get cracking on some holiday projects, as there are only 125 days left until Christmas. Yikes!

Have y’all started on Christmas gifts yet? What are you making?

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5 Responses to “The Cherry Baby Quilt is Finished!”

  1. LG Says:

    I’m letting a few of my friends know about this quilt – it is beautiful!

  2. Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

    smartass sister!

  3. Sarah's Sister Says:

    Love the green and white polka-dots. Hey, I know! For your next one, you could make a poison ivy quilt.

  4. Audra Says:

    LOVE it!!! I am having thrift store dreams… I sure miss getting to see everyone and shop the bargains.

  5. sheila Says:

    oh you good girl, counting the sleeps now ….are we…. lol

    what a lovely baby quilt. One of the gifts I am making is an embroidered hand towel. oh and some bags.

    hugs sheila

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