Cherry Baby Quilt

My collection of thrifted clothes is out of hand. There are too many pants, skirts and dresses lying around waiting to be cut up and made into even more spectacular creations.

Thrifted clothes for refashioning

I had plans to refashion some of them for Gwen. But don’t you agree that she is probably doing just fine with a white robe, a set of wings, a harp and a halo?

I made a nice dent in the pile(s) of clothing by sending 19 pieces out for the summer block swap. Next, I pulled out a small stack of items with cherry prints, added some red Kona Cotton and a few other scraps and started a baby quilt.

Square from cherry baby quilt

I pieced some log cabin blocks improvisationally (actual improvisation!) and added a border of solid red to each one. Then I trimmed all blocks to 14 inches square and sewed them together. Not rocket science to be sure, but I did it all without a seam ripper!

This is comparable to walking a tightrope without a net. All of my seam rippers were AWOL so I had to make do with scissors to snip thread and a pin pull out the stitches. It went pretty well until the end. I made three columns of three blocks each. After joining the first two columns, I sewed the last one to the wrong side of the quilt and had to undo a 40″ seam with a pin! Fortunately, seam rippers will be 50% off at Hancock Fabrics in two weeks.

Square from cherry baby quilt

Believe it or not, (my sister doesn’t) there is nothing in my fabric collection suitable for a backing. The green polka dot print won’t do because it looks terrible when placed next to the binding fabric. The binding fabric looks fantastic from the front of the quilt so it has to stay. The red check is nice, but I bought it quite a while ago and probably can’t get any more.

Stay tuned to see how this dilemma is resolved. In the meantime, here is the finished top.

Finished top

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6 Responses to “Cherry Baby Quilt”

  1. themsrevolution Says:

    what fun blocks! love ’em.

  2. Susan Says:

    Love it! This is really great. Why not take the red check and piece it with something else?

  3. Diane Thornton Says:

    Come check out some red batik that I have for the backing. I have loads of it. What is it with the seam rippers lately? My broke or went AWOL, I couldn’t find the replacement I wanted and bought one that SUCKS, went and got another one and it sucks too, but at least it halfway works.

  4. jamie Says:

    I love the cherry quilt.

  5. LauraJ Says:

    What a wonderful quilt!!

  6. Angie Says:

    What a fun quilt!

    I am drooling over your fabric stash like you wouldn’t believe.

    And yes, I am sure Gwen is looking fabulously radiant in her current attire.

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