Santa Fe

Our New Mexico adventure included two day trips out of Albuquerque. On Saturday, we boarded the NM Rail Runner Express for a northward jaunt to Santa Fe. The conventional wisdom is that you should shop around in Santa Fe and then come back and buy in Albuquerque where prices are lower.

From the train, a shuttle bus took us on a circuitous rout to the old town. It was a beautiful square with all adobe buildings. And there was a crafts fair going on that day too! Before sightseeing, we adjourned to the Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery for a delicious lunch and some local beer. I had to take this pic of the tile on the bathroom wall. This corn graphic would make a great quilt square.

Bathroom tiles at the Blue Corn Cafe

Next we visited the St. Francis Cathedral Basilica, a magnificent church. Here are some shots of the interior.

St. Francis Cathedral Basilica, Santa Fe

St. Francis Cathedral Basilica, Santa Fe

St. Francis Cathedral Basilica, Santa Fe

Then we headed for the craft fair, which was a big disappointment. Most of the merchandise was hand made, but not local. Unfortunately, this was the case in many of Santa Fe’s shops as well. To find real goods straight from the makers, you must go to a strip on one side of the square where Native Americans display their jewelry and crafts. The selection is large and the prices are very reasonable.

Santa Fe old town square

Here are some photos from a shop I could not pass by. These textiles are from India but are worth showing anyway. Just look at the applique, reverse applique, embroidery and color combinations in these pieces! If you have time, click through to my Flickr photostream and look at these in the largest size.

Shopping in Santa Fe

Hand stitched textiles

Reverse applique detail

Reverse applique design

striped blanket

Lots of hand stitching!

An employee in the shop told us that these are stitched by men. They work other jobs in the morning, and sew in the afternoons with someone playing live music while they work.

As we hurried back to the train, I spotted a Denyse Schmidt “What a Dish” quilt in a store window, but didn’t have time to investigate further. Our time in Santa Fe was short, but left us wanting to come back and stay longer.

3 Responses to “Santa Fe”

  1. Sarah's sistah Says:

    LOVE those bathroom tiles. They would be great in a kitchen!

  2. Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

    Alas, I can’t stitch, read or do much of anything else in the car. I’ve tried but I get motion sickness 😦

  3. sheila Says:

    well, you and the Cool Dude really seem to be able to seek out the unusual. Love the Church and the Indian Textiles. Can’t wait for the blog of your next trip. btw do you stitch as the Dude drives.

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