The Shirt Quilt is Finished and Living In Albuquerque

I finished the shirt quilt two days before we set out for New Mexico. It came along with us as a gift for our hosts, J & G.

Shirt quilt front

This is not the sort of quilt I usually make. All that symmetry is a little disturbing! But J loves this kind of thing and was very happy to have it. Her cat liked it too.

Already in useThe shirt quilt is feline approved!

Here is the back. Quilting this thing took forever and the process merits its own post. As you can see, I went with a diagonal crosshatch.

Shirt quilt back

One more shot right outside our hosts’ home. They have a spectacular view of the Sandia mountains.

Shirt quilt against the Sandia Mountains

8 Responses to “The Shirt Quilt is Finished and Living In Albuquerque”

  1. Lisa Says:


  2. josie Says:

    That is so beautiful. Quite possibly one of my all time favorite quilts. I love everything about it. The fabric, the colors, the quilting (which I am sure is epic) and the design. You’re friend is very lucky:)

  3. Laila Says:

    Hi. great quilt. no wonder the cat like it 😉
    Love all your buyings from last post too.
    Hugs from Norway 😉

  4. Amy Says:

    Lovely quilt. (Leave me your e-mail address – regarding your question on my blog.)

  5. Diane Says:

    I am so proud of you for finishing this! I still have fabric to make one, I too like symmetry 🙂

  6. Ann Champion Says:

    What a beautiful quilt! You found some great shirts..and really made them look special.’s been cat scanned. 🙂

  7. Sara Says:

    Fantastic! While I seem to trend towards wonky lately, I do really love the blocks in this quilt!!! The colors are so warm and calming. Well done!!

  8. sheila Says:

    what a fabulous quilt Sarah. And it definitely has the ‘cat police’ approval. hugs s

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