Pot Holder Swap

I signed up for Malka’s potholder swap and was paired with Kathy in Montana. This is Kathy’s first swap so I wanted her pot holders to be really good.

Since Kathy reported having six inches of snow on the ground, I chose warm, tropical batiks for contrast. These colors might look a bit too sherbet-y. I paper pieced the flying geese pot holder and made every mistake in my How Not to Paper Piece post at least once.

Pot holder front

pot holder backs

The batting I used is heat-resistant Insul-Brite. The directions say to put the shiny side of the product toward the heat source. But who stops to consider which side of the pot holder the Insul-Brite is facing when they go to retrieve a hot dish?

To get around this problem, I quilted the front and back to separate pieces of the batting, both shiny side out. Then laid them back to back (batting to batting) with a little wonder under in between and fused the whole sandwich with the iron. The binding was applied just like regular quilt binding. Now both sides are heat resistant and Kathy’s hands are safe.

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6 Responses to “Pot Holder Swap”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Our guild – ECMQG – is organizing it’s first ever potholder swap later this summer.
    These two are beautiful – I’m a huge fan of turquoise & coral, or really, turquoise & anything. In the next couple of weeks when I blog for our guild, I’d like to reference your pictures and notes. Would you mind? Please let me know.

    • Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

      Thanks Cindy! You may use the photos if you will link to my blog. Let me know when your swap is done and I can see some pictures.

  2. Audra Says:

    Good thinking on the batting. I usually just grab and go. Those are much prettier than the dollar stores ones I picked up!

  3. liveparadox Says:

    Those look great! I love your solution to the heat insulation problem. 🙂

  4. themsrevolution Says:

    these are great!

  5. Kathy in Montana Says:

    Love the potholders!! Great colors (not too sherbet-y at all). Both patterns were beautiful. Especially love the flying geese. Thanks for explaining the quilting and batting process.

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