Quilting Injury

We all know that a quilt isn’t a quilt until you bleed on it. If there is anyone out there who hasn’t stuck herself with pins or nicked her hand with a rotary cutter, I don’t want to meet you. These are simply occupational quilting hazards. They happen so often that we rarely mention them.

However, I took it up a notch on Saturday while happily stitching pot holders for Malka’s potholder swap. The Ginghers (heavy sewing scissors) slipped off the ironing board and landed point down on my foot, right on top of the instep. OUCH!

My sock was covered with multi colored threads picked up from the sewing room floor, but provided no protection from the plummeting blades. The carnage was minimal, however. There was a lot of blood for 5 minutes and then just oozing, swelling and throbbing. Fortunately nothing that ibuprophen and elevation couldn’t fix.

The foot is still sore and I probably won’t be doing any ballet or gardening this week:( But I’ll live to quilt another day. And years from now, when someone asks me about that scar on my foot, I’ll say, “Oh that. It’s just an old quilting injury.”

Mishap in the sewing room

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9 Responses to “Quilting Injury”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Gosh – I have nightmares about all of my sewing tools causing harm like this – glad you are ok!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Ouch!! Hope you’re feeling better

  3. Audra Says:

    Very impressive!

  4. Erica M. Says:


  5. Get Stitchy with Sarah Says:

    Yes it would! Five out of five doctors recommend Sister-made English toffee for foot injuries.

  6. Sarah's Sister Says:

    Oh, my poor sister! Would some English Toffee help this at all?

  7. lynsey Says:

    sooooo gross!

  8. Diane Thornton Says:

    super glue? or you could have sewn a really pretty pressure bandage? I’m glad you were brave enough to post a photo. It hurts just looking at it.

  9. LauraJ Says:

    What is is with us clumsy quilters? Last week I stepped on a pin cushion! SHould have seen me plucking the needles (eye end up) out of my foot.

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