Template Plastic

It was time to move the shirt quilt back to WIP status. The blocks were made but needed to be squared. My search for a 10.5 inch square ruler was in vain, so I bought a sheet of heavy template plastic and cut my own square instead .

The plastic much less expensive, and I was able to mark a center square to line up with the one in the block.

Template plastic cut to size

How simple to match the center squares and then cut around the perimeter!

Squaring the block

This plastic was easy to cut with scissors, but was impervious to the rotary cutter. So no worries about ruining the template if you are a little wobbly with the Olfa. There is still half of a sheet of plastic left to use for other projects.

I didn’t like the blue I had chosen for the sashing so I switched to a lighter shade of chambray from the stash. The back will also be chambray with a few leftover shirt blocks set in.

one column complete

This quilt will be a gift but I’m not telling who gets it!

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6 Responses to “Template Plastic”

  1. beth Says:

    I love this quilt!! CAn’t wait to see the whole thing together! The green shirt fabrics really adds a lot!!

  2. josie Says:

    Oh I just LOVE this. It is so beautiful. Those colors are just perfect together. Whoever gets it will be very lucky indeed. Thanks for the tip too…such an easy way to match up squares!

  3. themsrevolution Says:

    great makeshifting on the template! and the quilt is looking great. i’m inspired to do some re-fashioning now.

  4. Audra Says:

    Love it! Such a good idea on the template.

  5. Bertha Says:

    Oh this is going to look fabulous! I love that preppy madras look!

  6. (mnwh) Says:

    Oooh I think this is a lovely quilt to be! I’ve made a few quilts with plaid mens shirting fabrics.

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