New Fabric!

Spring is a time of renewal, so I have been renewing my fabric stash. Wanna see what I got?


Black and white fabrics from Contemporary Cloth. After finishing last year’s opera quilt, I have wanted to do something else using graphic black and white prints with a pop of color. I had been coveting these for a while but couldn’t find them locally. When they went on sale I snapped them up fast!

Some of these are now available at Delta Patchwork, the new fabric shop mentioned a few posts ago. My mom and I went back to an open warehouse day since that post and I have to show you what I brought home from those visits.

Batiks of course. Aren’t they just lovely?

ahhh batiks!

This fabulously cute dot print from Alexander Henry

cute dots

And finally, these vibrant fabrics by Martha Negley.

Martha Negley prints

These will become a reversible apron for ME! Things I make are always for someone else, but this year I’m keeping some for myself. Now when people ask “Did you make that?”, I can say “Yes I did!”.

So is there any “renewal” going on in your stash this spring?

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3 Responses to “New Fabric!”

  1. Andrea Says:

    They’re so pretty!! I love the polka-dot one, and the coloured one in the first pic 🙂

  2. themsrevolution Says:

    oooh, very pretty. thanks for sharing. how was the visit to the new shop? i’ve got to get myself there!

  3. Gwen Says:

    I love that green batik – gorgeous!

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