Random FO’s from Last Fall

The fall was a muddled time for us and I totally neglected to blog some things that were actually finished.

Thrifted skirt Bag for church auction

The kids at church had an art auction to fund their mission trips, so I made them a purse out of a thrifted skirt and pair of pants. The pattern is (very) loosely based on this one. I would never wear such a wild skirt but it looks great as a bag. It was missing something, so I added some covered buttons that made all the difference.

I didn’t stay long enough to find out who won it. But later, a friend told me that her SIL (also a very good friend) was sporting it at their family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I am glad it has a good home with someone I like.

Hat for Caleb

Next up is this hat for Caleb, server at Republic Coffee and a favorite of the Knit Mafia girls when we met in their back room last winter. He kept us in coffee, waffles, mac n cheese and cheese grits so we tagged him as ours. He loved the hat and later reported that it was a chick magnet because so many women commented on it. Later, Sam the Barista got a scarf and a hat is in progress for Jack, one of the cooks. He is so good that the mac n cheese is called “Jack n cheese” in certain circles.

The hat was a quick knit using the classic Turn A Square pattern by Jared Flood. The yarn is Cascade 220 Heathers in green and Noro Kureyon color #272.

Backpack for toddler cousin

And finally, this adorable toddler backpack for a small cousin in Texas. I found the pattern on the Indietutes Blog and cut it out of an old pair of striped shorts. Fusible interfacing on the inside gives it a little structure.

For the initial, I used an outline from a site with free coloring pages for kids. I fused some funky fabric, cut it out and satin stitched around the perimeter of the letter.

At first I wasn’t going to include the initial so that K’s baby brother could use the backpack later. But I remembered what K’s mother has told me about him and concluded that the backpack probably won’t last that long. Baby brother will get his very own monogrammed backpack when he graduates to toddlerhood.

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5 Responses to “Random FO’s from Last Fall”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Love the purse, it’s so cute!

  2. Audra Says:

    K LOVES his backpack. He wears it every time we go to church.

  3. liveparadox Says:

    Every time I see one of your FOs, I’m amazed all over again at your genius for choosing fabrics, for seeing the possibilities in a thrift-store garment. It’s awesome.

  4. Yo' Sister Says:

    That purse is awesome!

  5. Angie Says:

    I love the fabric for the bag! And the hat is beautiful.

    I was reading your previous post too, and remembering how upset you were when you lost your local fabric store. I am glad such a wonderful place is there to fill the gap so you can continue to amaze all of us with your wonderful projects!

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