Three Year Old WIP

I didn’t mean to leave you all in the deep freeze with snow pics for so long. I was hijacked by a two-month old whose mother needed emergency day care. So, for the last two weeks, I have been happily playing with and cooing at a sassy baby girl. Now back to the stitching!

Three year old WIP completed!

Fourscore and seven years ago (okay, 3 years), in a galaxy far, far away (during my life as gwensmom) I started a baby quilt. It languished on the WIP pile until the snowy weekend pictured in the previous post.

The design is nothing to write home about- just a bunch of random squares and rectangles. But it’s worth blogging because it’s a refashion, I used something different for batting and it’s going to a great place.

The fabric is super soft reclaimed twill from two of my mom’s old schoolteacher jumpers and a thrifted jumper that matched the striped one I already had. The backing is a light blue solid chambray also found in a thrift shop.

For batting I used a piece of fleece from the stash. It was NOT easy to quilt! Unlike cotton quilt batting, fleece is slippery. I had to pin and quilt the middle part first and then keep re-pinning and quilting outwards toward the edges.

Was it worth the trouble? Yes, absolutely! The result is a very warm and cozy baby blanket. I wouldn’t mind having a bigger one for myself. I love all those blues.

This quilt will go to Mountain Baby Blankets, an internet project that has funneled over 500 quilts for children to Appalachia, a low-income mountain region in the eastern US. It was launched last year by Rachel Cox, a woman whose ability to stay positive in unfortunate circumstances amazes me, and whose funny baby girl makes me smile.

**edit:   The Mountain Baby Blankets has ended.



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6 Responses to “Three Year Old WIP”

  1. maria Says:

    I love the idea and the colors in this quilt.

    It’s fabulous.


  2. Linda P. Says:

    How wonderful to send a ‘hug’ from both you and our Mom to keep a baby warm. I just love anonymous giving, don’t you.

  3. Sarah's Sister Says:

    Love it! Can I get one in a queen size?

  4. Penny Says:

    Hi, Sarah! I just visited your old blog and discovered you have a new blog, so here I am to say hello and that I was thinking of you. *hugs*

  5. Erica Says:

    Wow, you rock! I would not have bothered to repin so carefully and would have ended up with a puckery mess. But that’s why I regularly bow down before you and your sewing abilities.

  6. sheila Says:

    hi Sarah, have been looking for you. Great to see you back, regards to Gwensdad and hugs to you. sheila

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