The White Stuff

We woke up Monday morning to beautiful snow. Fluffy, sticky snowman-and-snowball snow.

Snow Day

Snow Day

Kitty print

Snow Day

Snow Day


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4 Responses to “The White Stuff”

  1. gwensmom Says:

    Thanks! The red berries are on a Nandina bush. They look great in the winter.

  2. Adds Says:

    Scorching hot here, what I would give for snow, especially your nice looking fluffy snow. What are those little red balls in the tree? They are super cute.
    p.s. Great new blog!

  3. Gwen Says:

    Congratulations on your new blog. It is wonderful. I especially enjoy the beautiful pictures (well maybe not the ones with snow as we have had snow since mid-december and I am really fed up with it by now!).
    Your post about paper-piecing made me laugh (guess who made the same mistakes when she started!) too.
    It is great to hear you are so full of projects. You will see, socks are great to knit and very addictive.
    Take care.

  4. liveparadox Says:

    Whee! It’s gorgeous! 🙂 Fresh, fluffy, sticky snow is the best. Hope you’re not suffering from the cold too much, though.

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