Knitting Machine

Traveling Fern Scarf

No, I haven’t acquired a knitting machine – I’ve become one!

Making the same thing over and over has never appealed to me, but this scarf is an exception. I found the free Traveling Fern Lace Scarf pattern by Sherry Xie on Ravelry and made a pink one as a holiday gift for my sister. I had doubts about tackling a whole scarf in lace weight yarn on #3 needles. But the finished product was so pretty that I ordered skeins to make three more!

The next one off the needles was this one in cream. I knit like a maniac and finished it in about two weeks. Hopefully someone will pay a lot for it when it is auctioned off in a benefit for Opera Memphis’s educational programs. The opera company performed at Gwen’s school when she was only three. She loved it and began to sing along, earning a reputation as a diva. These folks made my baby happy so this is payback.

Opera scarf

While the opera scarf was blocking, I cast on another just like it. This scarf-in-progress will be the first thing I have ever knit for myself. About time, don’t you think? Then later this year I will make a fourth in yet another color as a Christmas gift for someone who shall remain nameless.

In the meantime I am planning some children’s mittens to send to Afghanistan. And then I will learn to knit socks. I have resolved to do this every year without follow through, but this time I mean it!

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7 Responses to “Knitting Machine”

  1. Skye DeWeez Says:

    Sarah, you can do socks! Diane is a great teacher and I am so glad I learned. And since you are used to the small needles now, you will be just fine!

  2. Gene Black Says:

    Yaay! I am glad to see you are blogging again. I have missed you a lot. I have thought of you numerous times.
    Feel free to email me.

  3. liveparadox Says:

    Happy birthday, Sarah! All my best wishes.

    That’s a lovely scarf. I love that stitch pattern, I used it up the front of a tank top I made last summer. Speaking of which, I really need to stop being so lazy about posting pictures, both on my LJ and on Ravelry…

  4. jamie Says:

    These are beautiful.

  5. Angie Says:

    That is just lovely. So feminine. I am glad you are making one for yourself!

  6. Sarah's Sister Says:

    I am so lucky to be the recipient of this scarf! I wear it as frequently as one can wear a scarf in south Florida. This past winter was actually cold (cold = under 70 degrees) for 3 weeks, so I got to wear it a lot. Thank you, sister!

  7. amber c. Says:

    sarah, it’s lovely! i’m knitting my first sock too! you can so do it! hope you’re well!

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