Look Mom, I’m Paper Piecing!

I started this new blog in a fit of optimism that hasn’t really returned. But it’s no fun being out of the loop. And the seam rippers have seen some action, so here we go!

Before we start with the crafting, let it be known throughout the blogdom that it is ok to write or ask about Gwen. I like talking and thinking about my sweet girl, so don’t hesitate to say something if you want to. Really.

There were fewer handmade holiday gifts than originally planned, but the first thing I tackled was the FSQS Holiday Quilt Swap. After we lost Gwen I decided to stay in this swap so I would have something else to think about. Little did I know that grief all but wipes out your attention span and ability to concentrate. Plus, I had decided to try paper piecing for the first time. It took forever! but I was happy with the result and sent it on it’s way to Mari in Norway.

FSQS holiday swap quilt

The pattern is Geese in the Forest from the lovely and talented Anina of Twiddletales store and blog. Because this was a mini quilt, I reduced the block size from 6 inches to 4 inches. And used batiks because I love them so.

Like many of the quilters on flickr, Anina was inspired by this quilt that appeared in the Tokyo International Quilt Festival in 2007. Check out more GTF quilts in the Geese in the Forest Flickr group.

Paper piecing is not so hard after a little practice. It’s especially helpful when working with triangles or very small pieces. There are a few things I wish I’d had known before starting this quilt. I’ll tell you all about it in the next post!

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